Mosquito Proof Your Camp Site

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Individuals looking to take a break from the fast-paced and tasking nature of everyday life find summer to be an ideal period to plan trips with your loved ones. There is a deep feeling of satisfaction that comes with going out to feel and enjoy nature’s elements. One common way in which people unwind and enjoy nature is by going camping. 

Getting Your Campsite Mosquito-Proofed

When you and your loved ones are grilling out, relaxing in the backyard or playing by the pool, mosquitoes can easily ruin all the fun. Chances are, you are familiar with a few pest control methods for preventing intrusion by mosquitoes when you and your loved ones are relaxing in your backyard. However, the main question this article will place focus on is, do you know how to keep these biting creatures away from your campsite? 


Inspect Your Campsite 

Just like at home, it is advisable to check your campsite for areas that support mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes are known to thrive well in areas that are rich with moisture. As little as a bottle cap full of water can breed over 300 mosquitoes. This is why it is important to seek out and remove any standing water in your campsite. By eliminating stagnant or standing water from your campsite, you will ensure that more mosquitoes won’t be able to thrive or breed. Furthermore, be sure to set up your campsite away from slow moving rivers and streams, marshy areas, leaf debris and heavily wooded areas. Areas like the aforementioned give room to mosquitoes to thrive and breed freely. 


Use Insect Repellants 

You can purchase insect repellants from any drugstore during the summer months. Using bug sprays that contain DEET will keep mosquitoes from biting while you are busy pitching your tent, biking or hiking. For more protection against mosquitoes, choose an insect repellant that is made with coconut oil compounds. According to a recent study, the fatty acids in coconut oil are better than DEET at repelling mosquitoes. You can try using insect repellant wristbands to avoid spraying sticky sprays. 


If you have a preference for more natural solutions, consider the use of essential oils. Apart from helping you smell sweet and fresh, these natural extracts offer the extra benefit of repelling annoying mosquitoes. Rosemary, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, mint and tea tree are oils that can be used as effective repellants. These essential oils can also be used to treat itchy mosquito bites. 


Wear the Correct Gear


If you intend to go fishing, horseback riding or hiking during your camping trip, be sure to pack and wear protective clothing that will protect you from mosquito bites. Bright colored clothing will make you less attractive or visible to mosquitoes. These menacing pests see dark colors better than bright colors. When roaming in heavily wooded areas or high grasses, wear long pants tucked into socks and closed toe shoes. This way mosquitoes and ticks won’t be able to get access to your skin. 


For more detailed information on how to keep mosquitoes away from your campsite, do well to contact a reputable pest control company today. 


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