Fascinating Facts About Mosquitoes


Interesting Mosquito Facts

For many people, summertime is one of the best seasons. The warm weather, warm weather, beach parties, and lots more motivate people to spend more time outside their homes. 

Sadly, there is one insect that is notorious for ruining this amazing season. You guessed right – mosquitoes! 

Apart from being noisy and extremely annoying, mosquitoes are known to spread malaria, Zika and other diseases  in some parts of the world. These biting creatures have become the bane of many civilized parts of the world. 

Despite their menacing nature, mosquitoes are a spectacular kind of insects. To support the aforementioned claim, a few interesting facts about mosquitoes are mentioned below:  

  • There are at least 3,500 species of mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes have been on the surface of earth for over 100 million years.
  • It takes an egg between 4-7 days to mature into an adult mosquito 
  • Male mosquitoes do not bite; only the females do. A female mosquito needs the protein from blood to lay her eggs. 
  • A female mosquito can lay as many as 100-300 eggs at a time, and lays an average of 1,000 to 3,000 eggs throughout her lifetime.  
  • Mosquitoes have killed more humans than any known animal on earth. They are responsible for the deaths of about 725,000 humans every year. Fatal!
  • There are some mosquito species that fly only a few yards from their breeding territory to get food. Typically, most adult mosquitoes fly a mile or two to find food. 

Is it Important to Control Mosquitoes? 

The answer to this question is an unequivocal yes. Mosquitoes are known carriers of diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).

For most people, a mosquito bite results in a tell tale itchy red bump, which is the typical reaction. A few others are allergic to mosquito bites and suffer a reaction that is widely known as “Skeeter Syndrome,” which can cause bruises, blistering rashes, and swelling.

Almost every person has, in one way or another, been on the receiving end of the annoying nature of these insects. One scenario that usually comes to mind is the one where you have to keep swatting them away in the middle of trying to enjoy a moment of peace in your backyard. 

With the help of a professional pest control company, you can always get ahead of any mosquito problems on your property. You can also implement a few strategies yourself to prevent them from breeding in your property.

Mosquito season usually runs from April through October. During this time, it is recommended that you take measures to protect yourself from mosquito bites whenever you are outdoors. Here’s another mind-blowing mosquito fact: mosquitoes can lay as many as 300 eggs in a single bottle cap of water. To combat mosquitoes and other pest, follow the tricks outlined below: 

Mosquito Breeding Grounds
Mosquito Breeding Grounds
  • On a regular basis, empty ponds, fountains, bird baths, plant pots, buckets and pretty much anywhere else that water may gather within your property. 
  • Clean out gutters to get rid of stagnant water – inspect them for clots and damage that can cause water to gather.
  • Drill holes in trash cans, tire swings, or recycling bins so water drains out easily.
  • Ensure that your swimming pool is clean, properly circulated and filtered.
  • Repair leaking outdoor faucets.
  • Cut ornamental plants, shrubs, and grass short, as adult mosquitoes are fond of resting in shady, cool areas.



The best way to combat mosquitoes is to hire a professional pest control company. A pest control company has the experts and equipment to assess your problem and implement effective and lasting solutions. You should contact pest control experts as soon as you can. It is always best to act promptly, as doing so will help you avoid a lot of trouble. 

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