What to Do About Millipedes in Your Humble, Texas Backyard


Are you finding these crawling insects in your home?  millipedes seem to have taken over the Humble, Texas area.  With homeowners calling daily for service and treatment to eliminate their populations.

Keep Reading to find out more about millipedes and how to prevent and eliminate.

What is a millipede?

Millipedes are multi-legged arthropods (not insects), and are common nuisance pests in Texas

Millipede in Humble, Texas


  • resemble worms, about one to two inches in length, and with numerous, shelled body segments and legs (they move very slowly and their legs in movement appear “wavy”).
  • are usually brown or black in color (sometimes red or orange), and are nocturnal.
  • sometimes enter homes and other structures.
  • feed on damp, decaying plant materials.
  • often reside underneath stones, decaying logs, leaf piles, and mulch.
  • are found in moist environments (they cannot survive long in dry conditions).

Female millipedes can lay up to 300 eggs in the damp soil around your home, and these eggs hatch within a few weeks. After hatching, millipedes go through seven or eight life cycle stages before emerging as adults. These critters mature within two to five years and can then live for several years afterward.  

They spend most of their time outdoors, but occasionally wander inside if they can. They will likely head for your bathrooms or basement (where they can easily find moisture).


Do Millipedes Bite?

Millipedes (unlike centipedes) do not bite or sting, and are not dangerous. They do not damage your home or stored food. At worst, when disturbed, some species of millipede emit a defensive fluid that might irritate your skin or eyes. They may also curl up into a tight coil to protect themselves.

How to Help Prevent Millipedes in Your Yard and Home

The best things you can do to help keep millipede populations down in your yard and home include:

  • Caulk cracks, crevices and screen over other possible openings into your home, like utility/pipe entry points.
  • Keep rotting wood, leaf clutter, and decaying grass piles out of your yard.
  • Mow your lawn and weed regularly.
  • Make sure mulch, compost, and flower pots are at least a good few feet away from the side of your home.
  • Repair indoor and outdoor leaks, especially in your basement.
  • Make sure your rain gutter is free of leaves and debris to allow water to drain properly.
  • Keep your basement and crawl spaces dry. Use a dehumidifier if necessary.

Tan Millipede in Humble, Texas

Millipedes are part of life in Humble, TX, but you don’t have to deal with them all over your yard. Even the best preventive measures might result in they are making a comeback, so contact our Humble pest control experts to get rid of millipedes on your property.

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