It’s Fall Ya’ll? What that Means for Pest Control


Is it Fall Ya’ll? What that means for Pest Control

Us locals know that one minute you are wearing flip flops and the next minute you are searching for your sweaters and boots.  Crazy temperature changes keep us on our toes in the Houston, Texas areas, but what does that mean for your pest control?

I will admit that here in Houston, TX area we are pretty sensitive to temperature changes, we moan and groan about the heat and then complain about 65 degree temperatures.  Will we ever be happy, I hope so.


My husband always reminds me that 8 months out of the year Houston, Texas is perfect and well you know what he is right.  So I will be joyful of the temperature change, and know that within 24 hours I can be complaining about the heat again.


What these temperature drops, longer nights and shorter days mean for Houstonians?  I guess that is different for all of us. Makes me want to go out and buy mums and pansies.  For my daughter it is time to start shopping for fall outfits and you can wear your boots. For others a time when we start thinking about holidays and being with our families.


But if you are in the pest control industry, one thing that comes to mind and this applies to us all, is overwintering pest, rodent control, animal invasions and sealing up our homes.


There are easy steps you can take to get ready for prevention.


  1. Do a thorough inspection and cleanup of your perimeter around you home and garage.
  2. Think like a rat!  If they can move around without being noticed they will, so trim back bushes, branches, and things stacked up against you home.
  3. Seal up those entry points, plumbing penetrations, door jams, window ledges and any other thumb size opening.
  4. Is you tend to be prone to overwintering pests such as stink bugs, Asian beetles, cluster flies, time to apply a residual insecticide.


These 4 small steps can help keep those unwanted guests away.  Remember that fall is the perfect time to think about winter, and those invaders that start looking for warmth.


Need help with rodent care, animals trappings or insect control remember to call the Leaders in Pest Control, FullScope Pest Control.



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