How to Prevent Asian Roaches in Your Porter Home


Asian cockroaches (Blattella asahinai) are very prevalent insect pests in Texas, including in Porter. They look so much like German roaches (Blattella germanica) that even pest control professionals can have some difficulty telling the difference: Both roach species are small and brownish in color, with wings and dark bands running the length of their bodies down their backs.

asian cockroach in porter

At first, they were thought to be German roaches, but with more research, professionals realized it was a new species of cockroach.

Asian roaches are outdoor creatures, mostly found in southern states, and living in shaded areas. They like to live in mulch, grass, and compost piles, where they feed on organic materials. In some areas, their populations are concentrated up to a few hundred thousand. Per acre. 

With some steps, you can do a lot to help get rid of Asian cockroaches in your home.


Where do Asian Roaches Come From?

Asian cockroaches are a relatively new species to the United States, making their first appearance in the early 1980s, and they are thought to have originated in Okinawa, Japan. 

These roaches are not typical home invaders, and they rarely invade homes and other structures. They are attracted to lights, and are known to sometimes fly in through open windows and doors in search of indoor lights and TV screens.  Sometimes they wander indoors, and when they do, watch out! They can multiply quickly.

How to Prevent Asian Cockroaches

Asian cockroaches can be tricky pests to control. As they can spread their populations outdoors, it can be difficult to target them with pesticide sprays and baits.

Also, they tend to fly into homes when opportunities arise (they don’t crawl in through cracks and crevices), so perimeter treatments don’t have the preventive effect on them that they do on other pests. 

Pellet baits tend to work the best on this particular species of cockroach, as they can be spread out and cover your lawn, garden, and around trees. Large Asian cockroach populations will be difficult to control without consistent treatments and monitoring to see how the roaches are responding. 

Keeping your lawn mowed, shrubbery trimmed, and mulch away from your home (at least 20 feet) will also go a long way to keep Asian cockroaches under control. Keep all windows and doors screened, as well.

If you feel in over your head about an Asian cockroach problem, it might be a good time to call a pest control company.  You will likely end up saving yourself a lot of painful encounters, as well as time, money, and stress. Contact our Porter, TX pest control experts today! We can help you and your family enjoy your yard without worrying about Asian cockroaches.


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