How to Get Rid of Brown Patch in Your New Caney Yard


Brown Patch is a common lawn fungus that can cause your New Caney lawn to turn brown completely if it goes untreated (it can spread very quickly). The fungus that causes Brown Patch is called Rhizoctonia solani and it can infect many different types of lawns. It is a known problem for beautiful residential and commercial lawns alike.  

This fungal disease will most often affect cool-season grasses in late spring and during the summer months when conditions are hot and humid. Warm season grasses might be affected by Brown Patch in the fall or during warm weather spells in the winter.  around fall or during warm weather in winter months.  

Different types of grass may manifest Brown Patch differently, but the lawn disease usually starts out as a discoloration on blades of grass which ends up bleeding together to turn entire blades brown, in circular patches. The round patches of dead grass are usually outlined by dark rings. 

Once you identify Brown Patch for what it is, you can take steps to eliminate it and help prevent it from coming back in the future.  

Brown Patch Fungus New Caney

What does Lawn Fungus Look Like?

It is important to closely examine your lawn to make sure it’s Brown Patch you’ll be treating. Dog urine, insects, shortages of water, and other things can also cause discolored spots on your lawn. 

When to Look for Brown Patch

The best time to inspect for Brown Patch is when damp conditions exist. Walk through your yard and inspect the grass for the discolored patches described above.  

What Are You Looking For?

You’ll see irregular, roundish patches of brown grass with a dark border around their edges. Discolored lesions on the grass blades are additional signs of fungal damage.  

How Do You Get Rid of Brown Patch?

What can you do to prevent and get rid of Brown Patch in your yard? You can maintain a healthy lawn by:

  • Watering and fertilize regularly on a schedule (too much water and fertilizer can cause conditions that breed fungus).
  • Making sure your lawn is draining regularly after rain (this is important as accumulating water will make your lawn prone to fungus).
  • Mowing regularly, but don’t cut your grass too short.  
  • Applying a good fungicide regularly (wear gloves and follow label directions).

Consistency and monitoring are key.

Professional Services Save You Time, Money, and Stress 

You don’t have to put in tons of time and effort to keep your New Caney, Texas lawn looking healthy and green. There is quite a bit you can do yourself for your lawn, but you may want to consider hiring professional lawn care and pest control services. Contact our New Caney, TX pest control experts today! We can help you get the best looking lawn in town!   



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