How Long Does Termite Inspection Take

How Long Does Termite Inspection Take | Full Scope Pest Control

If you assume termites have infested your home, you want them exterminated immediately. A professional termite inspection is the first step in complete termite elimination. A technician will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if termites are present on the property.

Termite inspections usually take one to two hours, depending on the property’s size. Let’s see how long this particular inspection might take by looking at factors that affect its duration:

The Property’s Condition

Assessing an older home typically requires more time and energy than evaluating a brand-new building. The same is true for a recently refurbished house. A thorough evaluation is needed to ensure that the freshly renovated property is entirely free of nagging issues.

Infestation Size

If the property you want to be examined has a history of pest infestation, the technician may need the entire day to establish the amount of pest activity. The size of the building and how intrusive an inspector is will affect how long it takes to inspect.

Knowledge and Expertise

A local inspector can complete the work more quickly than a non-local one. Their familiarity with prevalent local pests will help them meet the check more quickly. An expert can work faster because of their experience and knowledge in this field, which means you get your report quicker.

What Happens During The Inspection?

During the inspection, the technician will thoroughly examine every area of your property. They will concentrate on areas where termites like to live and conceal themselves, such as baseboards, door frames, cabinets, closets, and crawl spaces.

The technician will spend significant time in the kitchen, bathrooms, and utility rooms. Termites use pipes to circumvent concrete barriers and enter a residence. Keeping these areas clear of clutter enables the pest control expert to detect even the tiniest indications of an infestation.

After inspecting the interior, the technician will conduct an exterior inspection. The exterior walls, eaves, and foundation will be checked for damage. Additionally, they will examine other areas of the property for mounds and damaged wood.

What Happens After The Inspection?

After examining your property, the technician will provide you with a report. If termites were discovered, the message would detail the approximate size and location of the infestation. They’ll also outline any damages and any other pertinent information. 

The technician will then estimate treatment, repairs, and follow-up removal requirements. They will collaborate with you to determine the most effective termite treatment for your needs and budget.

In addition to eliminating the current infestation, preventative spraying may be beneficial. It is frequently the most cost-effective method of termite prevention. Location, the type of structure you need to protect, and other variables will determine the best preventative measures.


What’s Next?

When choosing between different pest control companies, the time they spend inspecting your property is essential. However, effectiveness is also significant in determining which treatment will work best for you.

When you need a termite inspection on your current or prospective property, call Fullscope Pest Control! Our team will carefully inspect your property and determine whether you need to take preventative measures or if it’s time to treat an existing infestation. Contact us now!


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