Why Can’t I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in My Kingwood, Texas Backyard?


Mosquitoes are relentless and you want to get rid of them from your Kingwood, Texas backyard. Texas is definitely mosquito country! For many types of mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes are difficult to get rid of because they are avid breeders, and they only need a little bit of water (or even just damp soil) to lay their eggs. Before you worry about having your next outdoor cookout ruined by these bloodthirsty pests, you can take some steps to help get rid of mosquitoes outdoors.  So how do you get rid of them in Kingwood, Texas? Know your enemy!

What are mosquitoes attracted to? 

Mosquitoes (female mosquitoes) are attracted by the carbon dioxide you exhale and to sweaty skin. There’s not much you can do about exhaling or sweating in the summertime, but mosquitoes are also attracted to stagnant water (even as little as it takes to fill an upside down bottle cap) for breeding.  

8 Easy Steps to Preventing Mosquitoes

Using a good flying insect repellent along with other preventive steps like using a mosquito fogger can help deter mosquitoes elsewhere, along with other biting nuisance insects like ticks and fleas.

Here are some tips for further steps you can take to help prevent mosquitoes:

  • Get rid of standing water in buckets, old tires, rain gutters, pool covers, kiddie pools, or any other container where mosquitoes might be able to breed. Cover unused hot tubs.
  • Refresh water regularly (at least weekly) in bird baths, fountains, potted plant trays, and pet dishes. Treat and circulate swimming pool water regularly. 
  • Drain or fill areas in your yard with dirt where water has pooled.
  • Make sure window and door screens are in good repair.
  • Completely cover baby carriers and beds with mosquito netting.
  • Even if it’s hot, wear long sleeves, socks, and pants when you’re outdoors in the morning or evening, when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Replacing outdoor lights with yellow bulbs can help reduce mosquito (and other outdoor bug) activity. Yellow lights do NOT repel flying insects, however.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible, especially when there is a mosquito-borne disease warning in effect where you live.
  • Follow any and all label directions when using insecticide products.

Even with all the best preventive methods, some years are just “swampier” than others, and the mosquitoes seem to take over. If you just can’t seem to stay on top of your mosquito control problem, contact our pest control experts today! We can help you and your family enjoy a mosquito-free summer!

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