FAQ’s Fire Ant Treatments

Here are some frequently asked questions about 12-month fire ant treatments:

What is a 12-month fire ant treatment?

A 12-month fire ant treatment is a method or product designed to control fire ant populations in an area for an extended period, typically lasting up to a year.

How do 12-month fire ant treatments work?

These treatments usually involve applying a long-lasting insecticide that targets fire ants. The goal is to provide continuous control over an extended period, preventing new colonies from forming.

What types of products are commonly used for 12-month fire ant treatments?

This treatment is a very specific product that is only available to licensed pest professionals and is a granular insecticide that controls fire ants for 12 months on aries where applied.

When is the best time to apply a 12-month fire ant treatment?

For this type of treatment for fire ants, application can occur anytime of the year.

Is this product safe around our pets?

Yes this product is people and pet friendly, it is applied as a granular application, does require it be watered to release the product.  Should keep your pets out of the area until completely dry.

Can 12-month fire ant treatments be used in residential areas?

Yes, our 12-month fire ant treatments are suitable for use in residential yards, landscape, and other outdoor spaces. Do these treatments require professional application, or can they be done by homeowners?

Please contact your local pest experts if you haev any additional questions or would like to schedule your 12 Month Fire Ant Treatment.


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