FAQ’s About Pre-emergent Applications


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about pre-emergent applications to lawns:

What is a pre-emergent herbicide?

A pre-emergent herbicide is a type of weed control that is applied to the soil before weed seeds germinate. It creates a barrier that prevents weed seeds from sprouting.

When is the best time to apply pre-emergent to lawns?

The timing of pre-emergent application depends on the type of weeds you are targeting. Generally, it’s applied in early spring before soil temperatures reach the optimal range for weed germination. Again in the fall for winter weed control.

How does pre-emergent herbicide work?

Pre-emergent herbicides create a barrier in the soil that inhibits the development of weed seedlings. They do not kill existing weeds but prevent new ones from emerging.

Can pre-emergent herbicides be used on established lawns?

Yes, pre-emergent herbicides can be applied to established lawns to prevent the growth of new weeds. However, care should be taken to follow application instructions and avoid harm to desirable plants.

Do pre-emergents work on all types of weeds?

Pre-emergent herbicides are effective against a wide range of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. However, they may not be as effective against perennial weeds that propagate through roots or rhizomes.

How long does the pre-emergent barrier last?

The effectiveness of a pre-emergent herbicide varies, but it generally provides control for several weeks to a few months. Factors like rainfall, irrigation, and soil conditions can affect its longevity.

Can pre-emergents be applied together with fertilizers?

Yes, some pre-emergent herbicides are combined with fertilizers in a single product. These are known as combination or weed-and-feed products. Always follow the product label for proper application rates.

Is it safe for pets and children after application?

Most pre-emergent herbicides are safe when applied according to label instructions. However, it’s advisable to keep pets and children away from treated areas until the product has dried.

Can I overseed after applying pre-emergent?

Applying pre-emergent herbicides can inhibit the germination of desirable grass seeds as well. If overseeding is planned, choose a pre-emergent that is labeled as safe for overseeding, or time the application to allow for seed germination.

Do I need to water the lawn after applying pre-emergent?

Watering is often recommended after applying pre-emergent herbicides to help activate the product.

In conclusion, understanding the use of pre-emergent applications in lawns is crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant outdoor space. By addressing common questions and concerns through this FAQ guide, we hope to have provided clarity on the purpose, application, and benefits of pre-emergents. These proactive measures play a pivotal role in preventing the growth of unwanted weeds, promoting the overall health of the lawn, and reducing the need for excessive herbicides. As with any lawn care practice, it’s essential to follow recommended guidelines, consider specific grass types, and be mindful of environmental factors.

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