Don’t let termites become a problem

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One of the pests that can be the most damaging to your home is the termite. There are many different species of termite, but the most damaging one is the wood termite that eats away at the structure of your home. This is more than just annoying: this can permanently damage your home. Repair can become an extremely costly nightmare if you don’t catch the termites in time. Some of the ways in which you can spot termite damage is by noticing crumbling wood in your home and on your property. You should also scan your yard for structures called mud tubes—termites travel in mud tubes that lead from their colony in your yard to your home. Once you see some of these signs, you should search for images of termites so you will be able to best identify the critters if you do see them.

The next step in controlling your termite infestation is to call a trusted pest control service. FullScope Pest Control serves the greater Houston area and will be able to help eliminate any and all termites in your home. If the termite damage is extensive enough, you may need to fumigate your home. However, in many cases, the home only needs to be sprayed and a bait trap set out. However, in both instances, you would need to also take precautions to make sure that your home’s food and medicines are properly stored. Consult your exterminator about proper storage of all food for you and any pets before your home is treated.


After your home has been treated, you should take the proper steps to prevent a termite infestation in the future. Make sure that your home’s wood is treated to deter termites, and if at all possible, raise all the wood in your home above the ground to discourage termites from noticing it. Also, try to prevent leaks in your home’s pipes, because termites are generally attracted to sources of water. You can also have your local pest control service spray pesticide around your home to prevent termites from entering your home in the first place.

If you think you have termites, don’t delay your call to your local pest control service. It’s much better to call them and be wrong than to not call and have insurmountable damage done to your home. Take the safe route and have your home inspected regularly for termites—in the end, you’ll thank yourself for the peace of mind, and you also will be able to best protect your home.


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