Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Bees?

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It can be very concerning when bees establish a colony on your property. They are incredibly protective of their territory and will aggressively repel intruders if they feel threatened. Before things get out of hand, it might be time to bring in the experts if you see more bee activity in your yard than usual.

Tips on Bee Prevention

Foraging bees seek out nourishment, which is typically pollen. For instance, honey bees may journey several miles each day in quest of food from the hive.

Bees are attracted to sweet foods, although pollen is their main meal. Ice cream, soda, fruit, and juice fall within this category.

One strategy to lessen their presence close to your home is to take away these food sources. Removing trash more frequently, keeping trash cans tidy, and avoiding having open food containers outside can all help with this. Also read about How to Control Ticks in a Yard

Ensuring all outside wood surfaces are painted or treated is another choice for carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are less likely to tunnel through other materials and prefer unpainted wood.

How do Pest Control Services handle Bees?

Relying on the nature and intensity of the bee infestation, pest control firms will employ various techniques to eliminate bees from your property. It would benefit if you operated with an expert with bee management experience because not all pest control businesses specialize in this area. Among the techniques used are:

Using Pesticides to Spray

Spraying pesticides is the next best alternative if there are no practical means to remove the bees from their hive or if it is inaccessible. These substances are sprayed directly onto bee nests, where they rapidly kill the bees. Unfortunately, herbicides hurt other insects like ladybugs and butterflies. Because of this, they were using this strategy as a last resort.

Using Smoke Method

Experts use this technique to excite the bees and compel them to abandon their colony. The resulting smoke is non-toxic but has a fragrance reminiscent of an onslaught bee hive. Without harming the bees, this method effectively gets rid of them.

Dismantling with Fire

Pest control companies will set inaccessible bee hives or nests on fire. To effectively extinguish the bees without hurting the pack or igniting anything else, you should employ professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience.

Scare Method

In contrast to the smoke agitation technique, which uses pheromones as a natural defense, the scare method uses loud noises and bright lights to frighten bees away.

Why Is It Necessary To Avoid Bees

If you’re allergic, avoid bees. Bees strike when they feel threatened, so getting near a beehive might be dangerous. Bee stings are painful, but they usually heal within a few days. Bee allergies make the problem worse. Anaphylaxis, caused by allergies, can be lethal.

Bumblebees and honeybees sting severely. Their poison causes painful, enlarging stings. Even though bees can only sting once, their vast numbers can result in several stings. They might become aggressive when there are no blooms or when it is hot.

Immediately contact Fullscope Pest Control if you suspect a bee infestation on your property. Bee removal from your house or property may be done safely because of our experience, expertise, and equipment.


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