Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs and Other Pest?

Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs and Other Pest? | Full Scope Pest Control

Bed bug heat treatment is commonly touted as a method of pest control to kill bed bugs, yet there are many misconceptions surrounding what heat treatment equipment is used to get rid of bed bugs and if it works. The good news is that heat treatment for bed bugs has one of the highest eradication rates of any pest control procedure.

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What Exactly Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment? 

Bed bug heat treatment is a method that uses high temperatures with specialized equipment to distribute heat throughout a property to kill bed bugs and eggs. Because heaters reach high temperatures, furniture and perishables must be removed from the home.

With this in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding what should be removed from the property in order for the treatments to be effective. Additionally, crowded environments and a lack of sufficient preparation may have an impact on how effectively the treatments function. This tutorial will go over the ins and outs of heat treatments for bed bugs. Continue reading to learn more.

Will Bed Bugs Survive Heat Treatment?

A bed bug infestation comprises all biting adults as well as nymphs and eggs found in a home. Bed bug hiding habits and chemical resistance are the two main issues that make bed bug treatment difficult. These two characteristics are what make an infestation a living nightmare for people who are affected, as well as a difficult job for pest control professionals.

Companies cannot simply go through a property and set traps in the hopes of catching the bugs; non-chemical ways are guaranteed to kill the insects, although professionals frequently experience difficulty in messy homes.

If objects in the room, such as furniture, block the regions where the insects are hiding, the heat cannot reach the insects. Furthermore, heat treatments must be able to penetrate through walls, beneath baseboards, and even through the ceiling because these insects will run and hide in the smallest, most inaccessible areas.

These are the things that exist to obstruct a heat treatment, making it simpler for bed bugs to tolerate the temperature.

The real temperature is always greater than 49 degrees Celsius, which is the normal temperature used to kill bed bugs on contact. When the heat reaches a bed bug, it will turn over on its back and drown within seconds, perhaps minutes. Prolongation depends on colony size and consistency.

However, if your home is well-prepared and the heaters can flow freely around the home to permeate through walls and ceilings, the insects will not be able to resist heat treatment.


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Heat treatment is one of the most successful and safest methods of bed bug removal available to provide excellent service and permanently remove these hazardous pests from your home.


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