Battling Common Pests in Your Kingwood Garden

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You love to garden, but some things about gardening get on your nerves, mainly pests that invade and undo all your hard work. Even the healthiest gardens, like yours in Kingwood, have pests that challenge you and that you wish you didn’t have to deal with. What should you be watching out for? Here is a list of common garden pests that you can be aware of and try to treat for as best you can. Don’t let pests get to your vegetables!

Common Garden Pests:

Animals/Pets: Animals, like deer, rabbits might come around to snack on some of your vegetable plants, damaging them. Yes, even your beloved pets may come around and dig up a row of your favorite flowers! Traps may work, but sometimes just keeping a close eye on your garden is the best you can do.


Slugs and Snails: These creepy crawlies usually hide out in shady, damp areas and feed on both live and decaying plant material.


Caterpillars: Caterpillars, like the Cabbage looper, Tomato Hornworm, and Cabbage worm, are actually larvae of soon-to-emerge moths and butterflies. But while in this phase of their life cycle, they love to eat, eat, eat your fruits and vegetables. Sometimes even sprays won’t work if these pests are deeply enough embedded.


Aphids and other Insect Pests: Aphids not only suck the sap out of your plants’ leaves and stems, they also produce honeydew, which attracts ants and can create mold that prevents your plants from getting nourishing sunlight. Other insect pests like Whiteflies, Spider mites, scale insects, and thrips, also suck out your plants’ valuable nutrients, weakening them, and making them prone to plant diseases. Insects can also spread bacteria through your plants.  

Aphids in Kingwood Texas

You can stock up on traps and sprays (and for slugs and snails, just good old-fashioned salt), and whatever else you can think of to keep pests away from your lovely garden. The best overall strategy to getting rid of pests in your garden is to make your garden as unappealing to them as possible. If they find your garden to be uninviting, they will go elsewhere.

You love to garden, but you hate dealing with pests that undo all your hard work overnight! You can spend tons of your free time setting out traps and spraying pesticides, but sometimes not even that is enough! Save yourself headaches, time, and money by calling our Kingwood, TX pest control experts today. We can help you keep your garden pest-free, so you can enjoy your vegetables and time with your family more.  



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