Can Dogs Bring In Bed Bugs From Outside

Can Dogs Bring In Bed Bugs From Outside

Bed bugs will feed on a variety of animals, including dogs. Assume you moved to a new location, and everything was fine for a few months. But then bed bugs appeared out of nowhere in your home/apartment. Is it possible that the dog drew them in or carried them in?

Bed bugs do not live in the fur of dogs, but they can feed on it. They behave similarly to bed bugs in congregating near their host, the dog, who sleeps. They will then emerge at night. Dogs can attract bed bugs, but they are unlikely to carry them. Must Read About What Do Exterminators Use To Kill Roaches.

What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

Small, bloodsucking insects known as bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are a global problem. Flattened and measuring at least 3/16 inches in length, these adults are a reddish brown colour.

Furthermore, unlike fleas, these parasites do not fly. On the other hand, bed bugs crawl across surfaces such as floors and ceilings. The eggs of bed bugs are microscopic and white. Furthermore, it takes about seven days for the eggs to hatch.

A bed bug can live for more than a year. The ability of the insect to go up to four months without feeding is primarily responsible for its long life. Bed bugs are also active at night. During the day, they typically hide near where human hosts sleep.

Once inside your home, bed bugs will seek refuge near resting areas such as your mattress, box springs, sofa, and bed frames.

Can Bed Bugs Be Transmitted by Dogs?

Can dogs potentially spread bed bugs? It’s unusual for bed bugs to be spread by canines and other pets. Unlike fleas and ticks, bed bugs rarely cause infestations in canines. Instead, they emerge only to feed before disappearing again.

Even though these insects cannot live on your dog’s fur, dogs can carry bed bugs in their collars until they find a human host. It’s worth noting that bed bugs prefer human blood because we lack fur, which makes feeding easier. As a result, you’re more likely (than your dog) to bring bed bugs into your home via infested luggage and used furniture.

Do Bed Bugs Infect Dogs?

Bed bugs, while they dislike fur, can bite your pet. They will also hide in your pet’s bedding, as in yours. However, detecting bed bug bites on dogs can be difficult. Excessive scratching and licking are the only visible signs of a bed bug bite. Fecal spots, molted skin, and dried blood on your dog’s bedding are notable symptoms.

It’s important to note that it can be difficult to distinguish between bedbugs and flea bites. As a result, we recommend that you take your pet to the vet for an accurate prognosis.

Call the Experts to Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

You’re more likely to carry bed bugs, and they’ll only get to you via your dogs. Bed bug heat treatment and control are provided by Fullscope Pest Control for residential and commercial properties. Call us today for safe and effective bed bug treatment to protect your pets and home from an infestation.


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