6 Most Important Tips for Pest Control in the Kitchen

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Kitchen Pest Control

Since your kitchen contains the most food in your home, it’s natural that pests would find their way in to try and munch on your leftovers. But never fear! You can make sure that your kitchen doesn’t get infested with ants, beetles, or any other kind of pest by following these tips:

Sweep up and throw away: Pests are naturally attracted to food, and they love when you drop food on the floor so they can carry it back to their base. By leaving your food on the ground, all you’re doing is feeding the pests you want out of your house anyway!

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Make sure that after every time you cook in your kitchen you sweep up after yourself. If food falls and gets kicked under the fridge or stove, use an extension on your vacuum to pick up all the pieces from those hard to reach nooks and crannies.


It may seem tedious now, but what’s even more tedious is trying to get rid of an ant infestation.

Plastic and glass are the way to go: Cardboard containers may be what a product comes in, but if you want to be sure that pests stay out, it would be best to transfer your foods that come in cardboard to a plastic or glass container.

Why? Most bugs can chew through cardboard and get to your dry goods. To keep pests out of your food for good, keep all of your food in labeled containers in your pantry.

Check your compost: If you’re an environmentally friendly homeowner, then there is a good chance you not only know what composting is, but you keep a compost pile somewhere in or around your house.

For convenience, it’s not uncommon for composters to keep a container for scraps under their kitchen sink or somewhere in their kitchen. To be sure that no unwanted critters get inside your compost, make sure you’re using a heavy-duty plastic or glass that’s airtight to hold your scraps.

Bugs will stay out and wait until the food gets to your garden to start munching away.

Clean up your act: Cleaning your storage shelves can prevent your pests from ever coming in the first place.

Pests can breed in dirtier areas where food is spilled, and then they infest your food packages later.

By sanitizing and cleaning your shelves, you take away the possibility for pests to do this at all.

Seal it up: Make sure when you buy your groceries that the seals are all intact (this should always be a habit, not just for pest prevention). If the seal on a package is broken, there is a chance that there is already a pest living inside.

So, closely inspect your food before you check out at the register to make sure it is sealed properly.

Get the professionals: Ultimately, if there is an infestation in your home, especially in your kitchen, the professionals will know what chemicals are safe around your food, what the kids should and shouldn’t touch, and whether the dog needs to be put upstairs or not.

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Sure, you could try to DIY it, but a professional exterminator will know the best way to get rid of whatever pest you have in your kitchen and also will give you the best tips for preventing it from happening again.

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