5 Best Ways To Remove Termites

5 Best Ways To Remove Termites | Full Scope Pest Control

As some termites can cause severe, long-lasting damage, termites inside a home can be a significant problem for homeowners. These bugs will establish a colony inside a house where they will eat the wood and cause damage. Termites can harm a home’s structural stability severely and sometimes permanently if they are not dealt with quickly and effectively.

Hence, these are the top 5 ways to remove termites.


Termiticide Defenses

Termite-killing products designed for professionals may be available depending on your location. These traditional termite treatments are applied to the exterior perimeter of your home to create a barrier. Termites cannot detect termiticide and thus do not attempt to avoid it. A termite will die if it consumes termiticide-treated materials. Termiticides work similarly to viruses in that they spread. When one termite comes into contact with termiticide, it unknowingly spreads it to other termites, infecting them and ultimately killing the colony.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a tried-and-true method of termite control. Many termite insecticides on the market contain highly effective boric acid as the main ingredient. Boric acid is toxic to termites because it causes them to dehydrate and shut down their nervous systems, ultimately leading to death. Just spray the acid into the holes and crevices on the ground, walls, and ceilings.

Boric-Acid | Full Scope Pest Control


Foam termite treatments, such as Termidor, can penetrate deep into cracks and crevices to eradicate hidden termites. The space will be filled with foam, and when it evaporates, it will leave an insecticide behind, killing any termites who come into contact with it. You can use dust agents to eliminate any remaining termites that foam or liquid treatments have missed. Read all insecticide instructions carefully and avoid using them around pets or children. Another advantage is that foams frequently work to eliminate ants and termites, providing an additional layer of pest control.

Nematodes kill termites | Full Scope Pest Control

Beneficial Nematodes

The nematodes kill termites by injecting a specific type of bacteria into their body, so there is a high probability that the entire colony will be affected. They’re simple to use and safe for both people and animals. Spraying them into the yard, garage, basement, and other contaminated areas would be best.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange peel makes orange essential oil, which has the insecticidal chemical D-limonene. Insects are repelled and killed by this compound. This strategy for preventing termites relies on a certain concentration of citric acid within the D-limonene molecule. This acid degrades the termite’s backbone, which in turn causes it to lose water and protein until it eventually expires.


Orange Essential Oil | Full Scope Pest Control

Final Thoughts

If you have a termite problem, it’s better to call an exterminator than try DIY methods. This will ensure that they’re not just repelled but actually killed. When hiring a professional, you can rest assured that they will have a thorough understanding of the chemicals and equipment required to complete the task at hand. Also read about How to keep Boxelder Bugs out of this winter.

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