2022 Pest Forecast Update For April, May & June

Wasp and Honey Bee Nest: What Homeowners Need To Know

Pests are one of the most common causes of homeowner stress, but with this detailed report, you can have the information you need to keep pests out of your life for good. After the pests of March, we’re now into the seasonal transition period that runs from April to June. This is when many migratory animals that have been in hibernation or hiding from winter storms are starting to come out and explore the area. If you’ve dealt with even a mild invasion of bugs in your home this spring, you’re probably familiar with the damage and inconvenience it can cause.


Additionally, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reported that with warmer temperatures and rainy weather forecast for much of the country, NPMA entomologists anticipate a bothersome pest season with ants, mosquitoes, termites, and ticks on the way.

To prepare for another busy season, below are some typical pest problems we see for the months to come. We’ve also included tips on dealing with them so you can spend less time dealing with pests and more time enjoying your life.

April Pest Forecast

In April, you can expect an increase in rodent activity (brought on by the longer days), particularly in urban areas where they are more likely to contact humans. Keep your home clean, sealed, and clutter-free to deter rats and mice. Also, rodent-related incidents on school campuses and other kid-friendly locations may grow. Children can easily spread diseases like salmonella to the rest of the group, keeping them away from rodents and their droppings.

May Pest Forecast

As the days in May grow longer and the temperature rises, increase the number of bugs in your yard. While many people will enjoy spending time in their yards this May, they’ll have to watch for ants and cockroaches. In addition, mosquitoes and gnats will be a nuisance this month. It’s critical to maintain your home clean to deter them from visiting. If you have outdoor plants or gardens, bring them inside before they multiply. We recommend cleaning up your kitchen cabinets and pantry. Doing this now will help you avoid a flea infestation later in the year.

June Pest Forecast

June also ushers in a new season: mosquito season. Mosquitoes are likely to appear wherever that is continuously over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The easiest way to prevent mosquito breeding is to drain standing water and keep gutters clear of debris. Summer heat increases termite and other pest management risks. Houseflies are still a problem and will continue to be unless you take action immediately. Bedbugs and other bloodsuckers may infest your home. The stink bug is another pest that has grown in numbers since early June.


Pests don’t seem to care about our seasons and forecasts, so be vigilant no matter which time of year it is. Rely on professional help for pest prevention and treatment—it’s a better option than risking a full-fledged infestation in your home or business. If you have any questions about pest control services from Fullscope Pest Control, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always happy to help.



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