Mosquito Abatement

Stepping up your war on Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a mixed lot. The females are the only ones that bite humans, while the males suck the sap from plants. Mosquitoes have no benefit, except to completely annoy us, and unfortunately, they can carry disease. In the United States, we are primarily concerned with West Nile Virus, but mosquitoes can transmit a number of diseases and parasites such as:

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    West Nile Virus

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    Dengue Fever

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    Encephalitis of the brain

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    Yellow Fever

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    Rift Valley Fever

Given the number of diseases that mosquitoes can transmit, mosquito abatement is the responsibility of everyone and FullScope Pest Control is here to help.

Mosquitoes rank highly on the list of public health concerns, and the only consistent way to be rid of them is through a quality mosquito abatement program. In fact, many cities and counties around the nation have mosquito abatement programs in place, but that may not be enough of an attack method to stop the spread of disease.

When you hear and see the buzz of the mosquito foggers in your neighborhood, we get a warm feeling that mosquitoes are being taken care of by the city.

But the truth is that this really is not going to control breeding sites on your property and control, adult, biting mosquitoes in your backyard and in some areas not even control them in your front yard.

Mosquito Abatement

At home, you can help you fight mosquitoes too with professional products sprayed the right way in the correct area.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water and we would recommend that remove some of the threats that mosquitoes pose by being vigilant about removing standing water.

Larvacides are available for areas that you cannot control the standing water and we can assist you in identifying these areas, it does not take much water to create a mosquito breeding ground.

Even the little bit of water that is found in an abandoned tired can be enough water in which thousands of mosquitoes can breed mosquito larvae, which eventually turn into adult mosquitoes.
What are my choices for mosquito abatement methods?

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    Mosquito Misting Systems

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    Perimeter Barrier Treatments

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    Larvacide Application

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    Chemical Fogging

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    Event Mosquito Control

Even pets are at risk for diseases that are spread by mosquitoes. The female mosquito requires the blood from a warm-blooded organism such as humans, dogs, cats, cattle, and deer in order to breed.

If you need to control adult mosquito populations then, usually, the best method is a fogging system or a misting system.

These are automatic systems that produce an insecticidal fog that is either pumped through a permanently piped system where nozzles and emitters distribute the mist or by mobile foggers such as those that are mounted on a vehicle.

Mosquito Larval Control

Adult female mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. The eggs hatch into larva and can be killed using larvacides designed specifically for mosquito larva. These are hard round disks that are dropped into a water source.

They dissolve slowly over a period of time and kill mosquito larva that may hatch in the water. These are easy to use, and you have to repeat the dose periodically to keep the larvacide at a high enough dose to kill mosquito larva.

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Controlling Adult Mosquitoes

FullScope Pest Control can offer multiple ways to attack mosquitoes. Our mosquito abatement products target adult and larva. The foggers and misters work well on adult populations, and the larvacide works well on the larva and egg stage of the mosquito life cycle. We now offer In2Care Mosquito Systems that are a great addition to mosquito barrier treatments.

By using both approaches, you can effectively decrease the mosquito populations around your property. We can create a plant-specific for your particular needs, a treatment for the entire year or for a particular event, nothing is too small for us to help you with your mosquito control needs.

It is time to take back your backyard.

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