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Rodents are a problem that almost all homeowners have to deal with at some point. However, even if you aren’t sure if you have a pest problem, it’s best to get your home inspected by an exterminator. Exterminators will be able to see the signs of a rodent infestation before you will, and can stop the problem right in its tracks. Not only do rodents indicate a possible problem with the outside structure of your home, but they are also harbingers of disease and can carry smaller pests, like fleas and ticks. Because rats and mice can give birth so quickly, one mouse can turn into 40 in just a month. That is a story of an infestation gone terribly wrong, and it’s the reason that you want to catch a rodent infestation as soon as possible.

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Rodent Control

Rodents can appear out of nowhere and they can bring in massive infestations. Which is why you have to pay attention to everything and ensure that you eliminate them as fast as possible to avoid any issues. Rodents are known for the fact that they can carry diseases and they can also contaminate our food too. 

They can multiply very fast, which is obviously something that you need to avoid. It’s important to know how to identify rodents, and once you know how to do that, things will be a whole lot easier to deal with. There are many different types of rodents out there, such as pack rats, pocket mouse, deer mouse and many others. 

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What should you know about mice?

The thing to keep in mind is that the house mouse is around ½ to 1 oz in size and he is very slender. His ears are large and it can be very challenging and tricky to find the right way to catch them. The mouse has a dark gray coloring on the back and a lighter gray on the belly. Of course you can find some variations. Mice also tend to nibble, they tend to make visits to the same food source, and they feed at dusk or dawn, depending on the situation.

Mice also tend to eat seeds and grains, but they will go with sweets as well as peanut butter and meat too. The mouse tends to spend most of his life within buildings in the cities. But you will find many of them in rural areas, which is something that you may have to take into consideration. Another thing to note here is that they tend to explore the territory. They are very curious beings. However, they also try to adapt to the environment and they do everything in their power to really push the boundaries and take things to the next level in a clever and unique way, which is what you really need at the end of the day in a situation like this.

Rodent control
Rodent control

Learning more about rats

Rats on the other hand are known for trying to move around from one place to the other all the time. They eat most foods at once, and due to the fact that they have to be on the run all the time they also learned how to swim. This is very interesting and a great insight into rats in general. They tend to prefer food with lots of protein and carbs, but they do eat just about anything. They can’t survive a lot without water, something that mice will do without that much of a hassle. Also, they tend to be very cautious with the new things and objects, as they want to stay alive so this is evolutionary more than anything.

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Most rats tend to stay outdoors, however they will be indoors at times if they are trying to find food. You can even find roof rats that will stay in trees and attics. They enter homes via trees and power lines. Of course, most rats will eat everything available and they will try to stay alive by any means necessary. That really says a lot about the resilience of rats and how important it really is for them to just stay alive and survive as much time as possible. It’s definitely impressive and a great thing to know about rats in general.

Do they have something in common?

When you compare rats with mice, you will see there are some resemblances. For example, both species tend to reproduce very fast. Also, both of them don’t see very well. And on top of that, they can squeeze through openings quickly and that on its own can be incredibly challenging if you want to manage them correctly.

Getting rid of rodents

Rodents are very demanding and that’s why you need to have a good rodent control program. Normally things like baiting and trapping will help a lot, as they will give you a very good success rate. But at the same time, you will need to consider cleaning up their hiding places and your home in general. The more you do that, the higher the chances that you can get rid of them properly.

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Rodent baits are pretty much mandatory at this point, so you really have to handle them properly and you will be quite impressed with the results and the entire process. Just take all of that into consideration and the experience will be great every time. Commit to the idea of adding baits and if they don’t really work, try to work closely with a professional. That will help eliminate issues and ensure that everything works exactly the way you want every time no matter the situation!v

You should always look out for signs of a rodent infestation so you’re ready to call an exterminator if need be. Signs include scratching, holes in food containers, pellet-like droppings around the home, and squeaking/rustling in the walls. If you have any of these signs, let your local exterminator know immediately. You don’t want to end up with a full-fledged infestation, because that will be much harder to extract.

If you want to take some preventative measures, store food in glass containers and ensure that there are no holes in the outside structure of your house. For extra security, setting out a few freestanding mousetraps is a good measure. However, if you end up with a mouse in your house despite all these measures, the exterminator should be the next place you turn.

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