Crighton Theatre is a live theater in Conroe, Texas

Crighton Theatre is a live theater in Conroe, Texas.

The theatre specializes in musicals and has a seating capacity for 923 people.

There are currently no upcoming events listed on their website.

In addition to being a theater, Crighton Theatre also provides meeting spaces as well as catering for groups of 5 to 55 people.

Crighton Theatre was founded by Marion Morgan Scott and her husband Earl V. Scott in 1946 after the previous owner decided that they could not afford to continue operating the facility. After serving as an American Legion hall for three years it was reopened as a public theater.

Earl died shortly after reopening the venue and Marion continued running the business until she retired in 1970 at which point her daughter Nancy took over. Nancy served as the head of Crighton Theatre until 1996 when she sold it to a man named Wayne Smith, who moved from South Carolina to Texas to purchase the theatre. Must Read about Commercial Pest Control In Conroe, TX

Crighton Theatre is a live theater in Conroe, Texas

In 1984, a fire broke out during a performance of Annie causing minor damage and disrupting three performances. Nobody was injured in the incident and only a small portion of seating was damaged.

Smith retired in 2014 at which point his wife Hollace Crawford-Smith reopened the theater with Jim Spencer as the new director.

Crighton Theatre has been listed on several travel websites including TripAdvisor where it is given 4/5 stars by reviewers, highlighting its authenticity and connection to community members as reasons for visitors to attend shows there.

In addition to the travel websites Crighton Theatre is also listed as a tourist attraction on Roadtrippers.com, where it is given 3.8/5 stars by reviewers and has been featured in multiple articles online, both locally and nationally.

Crighton Theatre was also mentioned in a Houston Food Finder article highlighting a dinner theater production of Shakespearian plays that took place during the summer months from 2013-2017.

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