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Coldspring, Texas is located in San Jacinto County, and offers easy access to Houston (an hour or less away). Coldspring is an outdoors lover’s paradise! Imagine fishing, boating, camping, hunting, and hiking all over the area. Coldspringers are warm, welcoming, and friendly people. You’ll fall in love and feel right at home with the historical downtown area.

Pine-filled woods surround the Coldspring and San Jacinto County area in a serene setting. You can easily access off of US59 at Cleveland, taking FM 2025 to the west. From Shepherd, take Highway 150 W, and from Livingston, take US190 around the Lake Livingston Dam and follow the back roads! From Huntsville, take I-45 S to 150 E.

Lake Livingston is also relatively close by, the largest drinking water reservoir in the state of Texas.

The Coldspring Oakhurst Consolidated Independent School District (COCISD) is considered a high-quality educational system to send young students to, to help them grow into responsible, civic-minded adults. One of the known characteristics of COCISD is strong community support through the Community Involvement Team and scholarships to outstanding graduation seniors, honoring outstanding graduates, supporting adult education classes and many other activities.

Annual average temperature is 67°, with annual average rainfall of 48 inches, at an elevation of 130 feet above sea level.

San Jacinto County, geographically, lies directly between US 59 and I-45, two major highways. US59 is a main thoroughfare that stretches between Texarkana and Laredo, while I-45 runs from Galveston to Dallas. State Highway 150 runs east and west across the area. San Jacinto County and Polk County are joined by a bridge crossing over the Trinity River on FM 3278 at the Lake Livingston Dam. Imagine all there is to do!

Bush Intercontinental Airport is only 45 miles away, and Cleveland Municipal and Livingston Municipal airports are each only about 20 miles away.

In addition to Lake Livingston Resevoir and Livingston State Park, Sam Houston National Park, Wolf Creek Park, and Double Lake are also nearby.

Enjoy Lone Star Hiking Trails, Cape Royale Golf Club, and Waterwood Golf Course.

There are also campgrounds and baseball fields to enjoy.

Commercial Exterminators Coldspring

FullScope Pest Control can offer you the absolute best commercial property pest control services in Coldstone, Texas. Expect to enjoy these top notch pest control services along with all types of business and commercial accounts in and around the Coldstone area. We’ve got you covered!

Our high-quality pest control management methodology is the best for your business-integrated solutions, to help keep you pest free. Client-centered services are the core of our business model and they include working very closely with you on your specific individual needs, the needs of your business and industry, and being able to offer all potential options available to you.

We have over 30 years of professional experience and knowledge in the pest control industry, and we are confident that you will soon want us as regular partners with your property management team. You don’t want pests, insects, or rodents in your workplace breaking health codes and laws, and you don’t want to make your business unwelcome for clients and business partners to visit.

Businesses and buildings, especially in the food industry, deal with pest problems at a heightened level because of the countless food sources that attract many different types of pest invasions, including cockroaches, rodents, and small flies. When you use FullScope commercial pest control, you can be confident that your property and business will stay safe and secure, and bug free, with the very best pest control management you deserve. Our best services will immediately get rid of any pests living in your commercial property and put a stop to any future infestations once and for all. We’ll even show you what you can do to minimize and eliminate pests in between our service visits. Cleanliness and sanitation are always the first line of defense against pests.

When it comes to Commercial Pest Services that require trapping and exclusion treatment for rodents and other pests, have full trust in the number one locally owned and operated local exterminator. We offer you everything from pest control inspections to pest management monitoring, prevention and control methods, and we can cover all your long-term needs. No matter what kind of business you have, you are sure to consider us the best name in Commercial Pest Control and the only pest control company you should call. Understand that it takes years of experience and professional training to succeed at commercial pest control. That is why you can call FullScope with confidence; our expert technicians know exactly what to look for, how to show you what to do to help prevent pests in the future, and what to do to get the job done right.

We have developed a scientifically-based approach to pest control from a lifetime of in-the-field knowledge and expertise, and we are truly at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to commercial exterminators. See how our process follows simple and highly effective processes, which include:

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    Initial Inspection

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    Service Treatment Protocol Review

  • Polygon 5

    Long Term Maintenance Advice and Service

  • Polygon 5

    Overall Sanitation Expectations

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    Spot Visits Between Services

We offer you a high attention to detail and proven protocols, so we can protect your business with utmost care and with the best in Commercial Pest Services. We so proud to serve the Coldspring, Texas area.

The Very Best in Commercial Pest Control Services Are Always at Your Fingertips

Our Master Entomologist is eager to help and to provide you with a prompt responses with full easy to understand explanations of the types of commercial pest services needed, as well as our proven solutions and recommendations for success. We lay it all out for you clearly and concisely, and tell you what we intend to do and accomplish. We will also show you the reasons why we do what we do to help you understand what to look for and what you can do yourself to minimize pests of all kinds at home. We take pride in communicating well with and in building solid relationships with all our clients.


We can say with confidence that FullScope Pest Control is the best commercial and residential pest control company in the Coldspring, Texas area and surrounding, nearby areas. We have the deepest commitment to keep bringing you the very best in pest control and client services available. Our customer service team is the BEST, and our pest management has been recognized as being the absolute best in the area for over 30 years and counting.

Honesty, Integrity, Results

We are a full service pest control company.

If you’re interested in learning more about all the steps we take to keep you pest free and protect your property, by preventing and eliminating pests, contact our team today at (832) 898-0190.

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Commercial Pest Inspection in Coldspring Texas & Quality Pest Management

Our comprehensive pest control for your Coldspring business, no matter what type it is, because we understand that small problems can easily become costly ones. We want to make sure we curb the problem as quickly as possible.

FullScope Pest Control provides the highest quality Commercial Pest Inspection in Coldspring Texas. We offer services for all types of business, residential, and commercial accounts.

We service commercial accounts in all of North Houston, and Coldspring areas.

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